Sixpence was the nickname given to shepherd Daniel Smiles who looked after the flock of sheep that roamed the farm in the 1950’s and 1960’s, when Stanley Louw was a boy. Sixpence’s son, Andries who retired in 2008, worked on the farm all his life and after his retirement in 2008, passed away in 2012. Today we have 3rd
generation workers on the farm with all 30 families permanently residing on the estate.

Over time the farm increased the amount of land under vine and stopped farming sheep. Vineyards were planted on what had been grazing land, and they have been referred to as Sixpence’s Vineyards ever since. The Sixpence wines are made from grapes mostly sourced from these vines.

This wine range is a tribute to not only Sixpence, but all the legends that have worked on Opstal. With third generation workers on the farm we are proud to honour those that have become part of the bigger family and have helped to make Opstal a success.