The Story behind the label

In 1847 JC Rossouw acquired De Opstal bij de Fontein. Over a century later Carl Everson became the 4th generation farmer to take the reins of the Opstal Estate.

Carl Everson was the visionary who embraced the wine industry and saw a future in it for himself and his offspring. In his lifetime, he experienced the changeover from horse driven to machine driven wine making and from wine leaving the farm in barrels on a horse cart to the time of 34 ton trucks.

Carl Everson used to make sherry in his day. He married one of Lang Jan’s daughters, Marga-retha. He was seldom seen without his hat and trademark bunch of keys that he always had in his hand. He loved drinking very hot, strong coffee from his saucer. He was known as a jovial, cheerful person who loved to joke around but stood firm on his values. He had a passion for Namibia and owned a farm in Outjo.

He stuck to his guns in tough times and remain a private estate post WWII when the pressure was high to join the local co-op. Today, Opstal is thriving under the care of Carl Everson’s great grandkids, Attie & Zak Louw.

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